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3 Web Comic Series Every Geek Has to Know and Love

·2 mins

The internet is wonderful for so many things. Beside sharing your favorite cat pictures and telling the world your current meal. But you can also gather a large amount of information. I introduce now: my favorite ‘information pieces’ in the category ‘web comics’.

The Oatmeal #

Awesome and pretty funny web comic series. Some concepts are based around common situation in technology but there is also mocking about every day situations. The sentence “it’s funny cause it’s true” applies to no other comic series as it does to The Oatmeal.

frequency: irregular (~ once a week) favorite strip: Why I’d rather be punched in the testicles than call customer service

Geek & Poke #

Geek & Poke has it all. It covers situations in IT business, geek lifestyle, coding, social media and of course: Apple’s restriction policy.

frequency: irregular (~ 3-5 times a week) favorite strip: The Volkspad

xkcd #

I would never dare to leave out the multi award winning xkcd. This comic has established quite a large readership and had quite an impact on real life ( Featured topics on xkcd are: mathematics, physics, computer science and romance. Truth is: there is no way you can consider yourself a geek/nerd without having heard of xkcd. Another truth is: I only understand half the comics…. (pro tip: xkcd explained)

frequency: every monday, wednesday and friday favorite strip: Exploits of a Mom (Bobby Tables)

picture taken by jennifer/renee/CC BY-ND 2.0