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My Personal Mac Os 10 7 Wishlist

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Tomorrow (October 20th 2010), Apple is going to introduce Mac OS version 10.7. I’m curious of what Steve is going to show us. But just in case someone from apple is reading this. Here is my wishlist for the upcoming OS.

facetime in system #

FaceTime got introduced in iOS 4.0. It was advertised as a new way of communication blablabla. In order to communicate nowadays, one device might not be enough. So please let us use FaceTime with Apple devices. First step would be to integrate FaceTime in iChat. The next step (not Mac OS related) would then be to finally release the detailed specification, so that other companies can implement it to their systems.

better filesystem #

Sadly MacOS killed ZFS support, so there has to be a plan. I want to have all the fancy ZFS like features such as snapshots, copy-on-write and storage pools. So please Apple: improve HFS+ or introduce a new filesystem.

fix iTunes/Finder #

Beside the usual ftff I would really like to see an iTunes replacement (e.g a system built in media library with a lightweight frontend).

Especially the last one seems very unlikely, a boy can dream though…

picture taken by mrcrash/CC BY-NC 2.0