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Morf Hashes Into Hashes

·1 min

In the last few months I did a lot of work concerning imports.

Using the Sequel Toolokit I was able to treat every query row as a hash and the whole thing has been working out pretty good so far.

However I always needed to do conversions on the hashes (map keys to a different name, concatenate values etc….). Therefore I implemented several mapping classes that helped me with that but was never quite satisfied with the implementation.

Then I stumbled upon ActiveImporter and I knew: “That’s exactly what I need”.

Unfortunately ActiveImporter is designed to import table data into models.

I need to transform array of hashes into other array of hashes.

That’s why I built morfo. It uses a similar DSL as ActiveImporter to do just this.

It is at a very early stage and currently only supports simple mappings, nested mappings and transformations.

But I will continue to use it and implement new features on the way.